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Today, the site of Fort Defiance is populated by buildings dating from the 1930s to the present day used by various governmental agencies including the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Service, and the Navajo Nation.The largest of these buildings was the Fort Defiance Indian Hospital until 2002.The tribe adopted crop-farming techniques from the Pueblo peoples, growing mainly corn, beans, and squash.When the Spanish arrived, the Navajos began herding sheep and goats as a main source of trade and food, with meat becoming an essential component of the Navajo diet.

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* Children cancellations will each receive a refund of .00 for the lodging and meals.

*** Please give us as much advance notice if possible - if you need to cancel for whatever reasons. Love & Respect, BFC HQ Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry is an "ON-FIRE, LOVING, EVANGELISITIC, EXCITING, DYNAMIC, EFFECTIVE AND FUN MINISTRY" with members all over the United States and overseas.

The Navajo language is spoken throughout the region, with most Navajos speaking English, as well.

The states with the largest Navajo populations are Arizona (140,263) and New Mexico (108,306).

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