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Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir II Monomakh founded the principality of Vladimir-Suzdal, and his son Yuri Dolgoruki founded the city of Moscow in 1147.

However, by the end of the 12th century the prominence of Rus' began to decline as Kiev's central role became disputed by the surrounding principalities which were increasingly more powerful and independent.

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Orthodox institutions and universities - institutes of higher education, training professionals of different church and secular, humanist and social disciplines.

official website of archimandrite Rafail Karelin, a well-known spiritual literature writer. Questions can be addressed to the archimandrite, an up-to-date theologian and an experienced spiritual counsellor .

The official census in 2010 reported that 1.9 million Ukrainians lived in Russia, representing over 1.4% of the total population of the Russian Federation and comprising the third-largest ethnic group after ethnic Russians and Tatars.

An estimated 340,000 people born in Ukraine (mostly youths) permanently settle in Russia each year legally.

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The web pages// referenced below are the official source of the data.Subsequently, in 2000, a new system of domain names registration in RU top-level domain was introduced. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2017 Catholic Online.There is also an// announce mailing list:// : some other// TLDs are "reserved", such as and, but doesn't actually say they// are available for registration (which they do not seem to be).The Ukrainians in Russia make up the largest single diaspora of the Ukrainian people.

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