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Richard Blackwood is a British comedian, actor and rapper.

Blackwood rose to fame in 1998, presenting the UK version of the hit American dating game show ‘Singled Out’ on Channel 5.

“I always worry that when I meet someone they’ve watched TOWIE and they have a certain perception of me. Also hoping to find a partner is Richard Blackwood, who’s looking to break away from his East Enders bad boy reputation. And, more importantly, will she be interested in him?

Then there’s TV legend Esther Rantzen, dating at the age of 76, immediately recognised by her date John. Like the main series, there are romantic highs and lows – as some dates go swimmingly, and others don’t go according to plan.

Richard admits he got caught up in the showbiz lifestyle and used money as a way to prove his worth to his peers, once buying a £75,000 Jaguar 'just because I could', despite already owning a Mercedes.

The South London actor's out of control spending resulted in him being evicted from his home in 2002 aged just 30, and his so-called friends turning their back on him, something he wasn't prepared for.

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But with the show churning out so many series in a short space of time, it’s undeniable that the concept is starting to wear slightly.The East Enders star will bring his charm to the Channel 4 show as he attempts to find love in an episode that will be screened next month.The 44-year-old actor, who stars as reformed bad boy Vincent Hubbard in the BBC1 soap, will feature in one of four planned specials.They were like: ‘yeah you might have the looks but I’ve got more money than you right now ! ’ to Esther Rantzen saying ‘we met once’ and giving her a showbiz ‘mwah-mwah’ kiss – presumably in the hope that it might impress Diana enough to make her forget he had called her ‘Daniella.’ He then told Esther to ‘stay blessed’, high-fived Diana, told the cabdriver taking Diana away ‘look after her’, and generally acted as if everything was all fine and he hadn’t just blown his chances with a beautiful woman by insulting her. The 42-year-old star achieved fame and fortune in his early 20s, but soon found himself at rock bottom when his excessive spending sprees and flash behaviour robbed him of his home, his career and his friends.

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