Black panthers intimidating voters in pa and oh

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In one stump speech after another, he’s called on his supporters, in the name of suppressing all-but-nonexistent voter fraud, to go into cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St.Louis to eyeball—and if all goes well, intimidate—African American voters at the polls.Update: Yet another Obama poster hanging illegally in a polling place in Newark, New Jersey is discovered by Project Veritas: Update: This is evidently how those Philadelphia poll workers chose to comply with the judge’s order to cover the Obama mural in their polling station: Update: Another report of Obama propaganda hanging in a polling place, this time in Tallahassee, Florida, courtesy of the Media Research Center.The poster reportedly reads “Change the Atmosphere.” Who knew it would prove so difficult for election supervisors to understand that campaign material from one of the candidates shouldn’t be hanging near the polls?He’s put Mike Roman, a Republican political operative best known for dialing up fears about the tiny fringe group New Black Panthers during the 2008 election, in charge of his “election protection” effort.But Trump’s threat to voting has galvanized state and local election officials and voting advocates across the political spectrum in a pushback against the most serious voter intimidation effort that the country has faced since the 1965 Voting Rights Act ended the routine denial of the franchise to Southern blacks.Someone eventually covered the President’s face with a sheet of copy paper, providing a moment of hilarity amid the outrage.Update: Federal Job Corps vans in Milwaukee have reportedly been used to ferry voters to the polls, where they found – you guessed it – photos of Barack Obama hanging on the walls.

•The judge of elections is in charge of the polling place, enforcing rules such as preventing electioneering inside the voting...Update: Guy Benson at reports that the former Digital Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee is complaining that his ballot was stolen.onald Trump has not only challenged the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential election, he has challenged many citizens’ right to vote.HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania's top elections official says the state's election results cannot be hacked because voting machines and tabulating systems aren't connected to the Internet.It's been the secret and sometimes not-so-secret front of this election: Behind the scenes, efforts are underway on both sides of the aisle to amass armies of eagle-eyed volunteers to be dispatched to the polls on Nov. But in Philadelphia, a Democratic stronghold where Republican Donald Trump has warned the possibility of voter fraud is particularly acute, officials say it is the Democrats who lead in registering poll watchers, despite more oft-invoked Republican concerns about the integrity of the city's electoral process.

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