Backdating an updating old auto air conditioning

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We can only consider backdating your benefit from the date we receive your request.If you make a claim for housing benefit and request backdating after 1 April 2016 your claim can only be backdated for one month if you are of working age.Normally your application will be assessed and the amount of benefit given is calculated from the Monday after the date of your application.

However, based on the record and going by the language used in the order, the court concluded that it appeared to have been backdated.It's vital that you do this to ensure that the figures in your Crunch account are a true reflection of your company's bank accounts.To guarantee your Crunch account figures are accurate, we need all transactions entered into the system to be dated from your new accounting year with Crunch.Some examples of these circumstances are: When your application has been processed we will write to you to let you know our decision.If you disagree with our decision you can write to us within one calendar month telling us why you disagree and ask us to review your application.

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