Dating your spouse

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Dates will improve commitment, intimacy, and cohesion within a relationship.Individuals that go on dates are more likely to feel loved and special, which makes them feel more optimistic about their relationship.After all, it’s not like you don’t see them every day.But, as my pastor reminded us in our counseling session, it’s just as important now to date your spouse as it was when everything was fresh and new.This is an awesome idea that more married couples should embrace and this article will explain why and what you can do.Dating your husband or dating your wife is something that can be extremely fun for a number of reasons, but this first one is one I really want to go into first.

Perhaps one of the most important things a married couple can do to ensure that their relationship thrives is to date.

With dating your spouse, there is no pressure because you two are already married.

There's no pressure to worry if he/she likes you, what interests they have, how you can show your love to them because the knot has already been tied.

I’ve had to shut down my social calendar in favor of freeing up my time, and have learned the fine art of saying “no” to obligations that might take me away from all I need to do. During our final session, the pastor asked us a very pointed question. ” Here we were, planning our wedding and a lifetime together, and I was totally stumped for an answer. Eventually I was able to think of a few things we’d enjoyed over the years we’d been dating.

The last year of our engagement has passed rapidly, but the last few months have been a whirlwind as we’ve crossed things off our list of things to do before the big day. One of our to-dos was to attend pre-marital counseling with our pastor before he performs our ceremony.

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