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If you were arrested for driving under the influence, you need to consult with a skilled Columbia, South Carolina DUI defense lawyer immediately.If you are driving while intoxicated, there are multiple different charges that can be brought against you.If you have a valid prescription for a pharmaceutical drug but that drug severely inhibits your faculties, you may be arrested for DUI if caught on the road.Common prescription drugs involved with DUIs include prescription painkillers like Oxycodone and Vicodin and sleeping pills like Ambien.As defined in Section 56-5-2930 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, a DUI occurs when (1) you are driving a vehicle and (2) your ability to drive that vehicle is “materially and appreciably impaired” due to alcohol or drugs or a combination of both.Everyone knows what alcohol is, but did you know that “drugs” includes both illegal narcotics like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, as well as legal prescription drugs?A conviction will likely result in a lifelong entry in the South Carolina Sex Offense Registry, which is frequently searched by employers, schools, churches and even neighborhood associations.

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Your case may require the use of expert psychologists or other medical personal to refute the state's allegations and to look out for instances of unreliable testimony.

Where there is a possibility that an expert may assist in the preparation of your defense or in the trial of your case, Mr.

In the public's eye, there is almost no charge worse than a sexual assault or the sexual abuse of a child.

Often times, you will be considered guilty until proven innocent for all practical purposes.

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