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The 2000 made-for-TV film was about a teenage girl coming to terms with her sexuality, and her mother’s struggle to understand it herself.Stockard Channing boosted the film’s star power and it was a touching portrait of how a family works together in coming out, acceptance and realizing that unconditional love is what’s most important.The character she played on the show, Georgia “George” Lass, exemplified the rudderless existence of the young but whip-smart underachiever who is suddenly thrust into life, or in her case by her death (seriously, watch the show, it is good) and her subsequent realization that the universe isn’t going to wait for her to feel like a grown-up before handing her the unwanted responsibilities of one.It was an irreverent way to look at a process that is assumed to be the most profound event in the existence of the individual.After a brief stint as a model with Ford Models and Rascal's Agency, Muth pursued a career in acting, studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, and getting her first professional experience doing commercials in 1993.Ellen Muth, a 19-year-old actress who looks considerably younger, virtually explodes in the role of Constance, the volatile 13-year-old only child of divorced parents.To this day the star of Showtime's "Dead Like Me" still totes her microscope and a magnifying glass with her.

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In 2004, Muth was nominated twice for Dead Like Me.

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The teenage Robards excelled in athletics, running a -mile during his junior year at Hollywood High School in Los Angeles.

I talked with her recently about acting and coffee.

I would get picked up anywhere between five to seven in the morning, and the trainer they sent me would come an hour before then and have me work out for forty-five minutes.

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