18 year old dating 26 year old

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- Age gap: I personally feel nothing about the gap. Factors that are likely to make it work:- Meet years ago- Had feeling but communicated and agreed to wait (and made it so far)Factors that are irrelevant, but will lead to stress if you care too much:- Others' judgement: we met in Church. Warmhearted ladies came to me and told me not to start with him. Expect these along the way for at least the first 2 years if you two are in an judgmental community. But differences arises in time, which happens in all relationship. In my own case, we started when I was in high school and he doesn't have a degree, which I was absolutely fine with. Factors that are relevant, and needed to work on:- Compatibility: You two are surely compatible now.They have their own place, get on great, and they've been together about 2 years.

People outside judging no won't repay you a meaningful relationship when you backdown in fears. I would not advise her, but as long as there in not any sexual interactions, It is okay. I am a 26 year old lady and I am considering dating an 18 year old guy.Make sure she develops more options because she knew you, not fewer.My first Quora anon answer because it involves another person, whom I'm still responsible to protect. I'm 28 now and if I'm with a man 9 years older than me, I know I have my way of living and I'm independent, responsible for and capable of taking care of my own stuff. But mind that girls at 18 generally do not have a very stable emotion.

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