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According to popular wisdom, these men come to the islands to ‘live like kings’.For some, it’s enough that the sex is cheap and plentiful.With animist beliefs - the doctrine that every natural thing in the universe has a soul - the line between this world and the next world is blurred.Even after a funeral ceremony is completed, the physical relationship between the dead and the living still continues through a ritual called ma'nene, or the “cleaning of the corpses," according to the BBC.The world’s oldest man has been named as Indonesian Mbah Gotho, who is 145 years old, with documentation that says he was born in 1870.Mr Gotho said he began preparing for his death in 1992, even having a gravestone made, but 24 years later he is still alive.But others come in search not just of sexual gratification, but in search of intimacy and a sense of power.The sex industry in the islands relies heavily on its Singaporean clients.

There are a number of people who claim to have broken Jeanne Calment’s record, such as Nigerian James Olofintuyi, who claims to be 171, and Dhaqabo Ebba from Ethiopia, who claims to be 163, but without verifiable documents they cannot be given her title.

In most cultures the dead are buried or cremated within days of passing away, but Indonesia's Torajan people keep the bodies of their relatives to "live" at home with them, sometimes for years after their deaths.

Providing corpses with their own rooms, they are washed and their clothes are regularly changed.

The centenarian, from Central Java, says he spends his time listening to the radio, as his eyesight is no longer good enough to watch television.

When asked the secret to a long life, he said: “The recipe is just patience”.

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