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Claudia has acted in Australia and New Zealand in television and movies.

She portrayed an intersex woman named Jill Mayhew in the Australian television series Good Guys Bad Guys.

Her first major role was of an intersexual woman that she played in Good Guys Bad Guys.Black was married in 2004 (even putting off her honeymoon to film The Peacekeeper Wars) and had her first child in 2005.According to SG-1 co-star Michael Shanks, her second son was born in November 2007.The primary constant amidst this narrative and tonal juggling is the turbulent love story between Aeryn Sun and John Crichton. Aeryn is both a traditional and transformational figure as well; raised to be an impersonal enforcer in the Imperial Stormtrooper mold, she comes to live out a promise that John makes to her in the very first episode: “You can be more.”does regard Aeryn as an individual unto herself, one who took on a life that sometimes superseded the actress’s own.“I was always happy to hand the character off,” Black says.

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