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True, they could only find enough bones and skulls from the Mountain War massacre to fit into four white-painted coffins but this was a symbolic occasion, the Christian president of Lebanon and Walid Jumblatt, the leader of the Druze clan, sitting next to each other as Marun Saad, the oldest of the dispossessed Christians, embraced the oldest Druze sheikh.Both communities admitted they had watched the television reports from Bosnia with familiar horror.’ I seldom respond to tabloids, unless it involves someone else and their safety or well being.

When Sharon left Likud to found Kadima, Wahabi followed, and was elected to the 17th Knesset in 2006 on the Kadima list.At the outset of statehood, the , this is one of the few opportunities I have, as a Jew, to travel freely in an Arab village.One thing which strikes me here is that, unlike my adventures in East Jerusalem and the Yemenite Village, the street signs and advertisements here are in both Hebrew and Arabic. This would never cut it in the western world, where every generation has to relearn its faith and accept it's beliefs anew, but this is the middle east.It's not just the still-ruined 19th-century Ottoman houses of dressed stone with their cracked windows and rusting balconies, nor the squad of sharp-eyed soldiers guarding the deserted square.It's not even the slim, brown-eyed Christian I'd met back in Beirut, shouting about his parents' massacre, bellowing his intention to shoot the two Druze who slaughtered them. Every time I bring it out to take a picture, the Druze of Masser es-Chouf melt into their little shops and alleyways. The moment I look through the lens, the streets are empty.

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