Reading chronicle dating

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In nearing completion of the research stage for the photographs selected for the online resource, I am now researching photographs from the 1960s, the final decade for this strand of the project.‘The Sixties’ denotes a time of revolution in social norms and a relaxation of social taboos.They are not dated and didn't include caption information. The calliope eventually went silent, the tilt-a-whirl stopped and the rides were dismantled.Music, theatre, dance – this performance will have caused ripples in Reading and been widely acclaimed.

“They were all, like, trying to get people to sign up by showing these images of 50-year-old women holding hands and walking on the beach or women who were clearly porn stars — like a man’s idea of what a lesbian looks like,” she said in a recent interview.

The singer was backed on stage by his band, The Savages.

The Berkshire Chronicle described Lord Sutch as wearing “his hair about 18 inches long” and always appearing “in odd clothes like an old tattered loin cloth or some Eskimo outfit”.

“If you actually built an app around how women talk to each other, it changes everything.” The company was renamed Her in 2015, the year it moved its headquarters to San Francisco.

As the company grew, Exton said, she saw firsthand why so many lesbian-centric dating apps and websites seem to fail: There’s very little outside funding or other support for such sites.

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