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The Nifty Minnie is made of celluloid with silver fittings and screws, and the Nifty Minnie name is engraved on the props.

The airbrushed finish on the lure is beautiful, as is the unusual box. The Muskegon Spoonjack Minnow lures were sold in the late teens and early 1920s and are linked to famous luremakers Jacob Hansen and Adolph Arntz. This unique wooden lure was made in the early 50s by Kono Manufacturing, based at the time at Naval Base, S. The novelty baits were given away to opticians and others who did business with the company, which made eyeglass frames, goggles and other eye products. Kaufman of Nappanee, Indiana, manufactured these Nappanee Ypsi lures surface baits in the 1930s.

Nails are also a strong indicator of age, as cut nails weren't replaced in construction until the 1880s.

Examine any locks and look for file marks or any signs of irregularity, which would indicate something that was handmade and therefore probably older.

The fine quality gold leaf and reverse painted glasses are signed by the artist, Tom Moberg. The average variation from mean time during the month was 8.9 seconds. The clock has the features of the very early Seth 19s.

The gold front mahogany case is marked #5-80 on the glue blocks, dating the clock to 1980. Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. As an example of the excellence of the general performance we call attention to ten of these regulators furnished to.the month of August 1889.

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