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As a result, Aaisha filled out a feedback form to say how disappointed she was with the service.Following that, she received an email confirmation of a data add-on she'd never ordered, so immediately started a new chat to make sure she didn't get charged.

Cannon alleges that the company engaged in a “pattern of intentional manipulation and exploitation” to cheat workers out of their earnings, and violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by paying them as little as .20 per hour.

I'd like to work from home as a phone operator but would prefer not to do phone sex.

I'm not very experienced in Tarot reading, so I don't feel I can offer psychic chat.

She often has “dozens of sexually explicit phone conversations” each week, according to the suit, and the calls average about six minutes each.

Cannon claims she is paid 10 cents per minute — or per hour — to talk at that rate, but if the average dips below six minutes, her rate allegedly falls to 7 cents per minute, for a total hourly pay of .20.

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