Paulina rubio dating history

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"It was four projects that they took away from me, sometimes for political or personal motives someone with more power than you comes and takes them away from your hands," he told a Mexican tabloid magazine."I don't know if one day 'El Güero' will tell me, it was because of this...His bad luck began after he was cast as the leading man in "Abismo de Pasión" opposite his former girlfriend Angelique Boyer.The production was a remake of "Cañaveral De Pasiones," which was originally produced by his famous parents Bach and Humberto Zurita.I was about 10 months or almost 11 months working consecutively with no vacation. I started missing work and Telemundo and I decided that we needed a break and take life back to recharge energy.Go with family and forget Aurelio Casillas por a little bit and return as new."Earlier in the year it was reported that Amaya broke up with her long-time girlfriend, fellow actress Angelica Celaya.

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While her fellow Latina, Paulina Rubio, may be a superstar in her native Mexico, she still has a ways to go when it comes to garnering the same celebrity status Lovato has in the states.

Sebastián had a small role in the original as the younger self of the lead actor and it would've been interesting to see him fully take on the adult role years later.

Weeks before shooting started he was let go from the project citing he was "too young" to be the lead in a primetime telenovela, which was strange as Boyer was his same age.

Her first single "Mío" debuts in Billboard in position number 19 in Hot Latin Tracks and reach position number 3, Her next albums 24 Kilates (1993), El tiempo es oro (1995) and Planeta Paulina (1996) also helped Rubio become better known in Hispanic America.

Rubio's departure from EMI Music happened in the same year.

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