Is ryan gosling dating emma stone 2016

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As for what the movie is about, beyond Gosling and Stone basking in each other’s charms? Their dreams bring them together but also end up pulling them apart.Well, Chazelle is calling it “a contemporary love story. It’s about how you kind of balance life and art and your dream life with reality, which to me is what musicals are all about.”In addition to showcasing Gosling and Stone, the movie tries to show L.Stone appears to have a fun getting-ready-to-go-out montage with some girlfriends, while Gosling can be seen jamming with co-star John Legend (in Legend’s biggest acting role yet).But for the most part, this trailer is all about two of Hollywood’s most lovable actors being in love. about two dreamers in Los Angeles who are trying to make it.Within seconds, the lights come up—red stringed lights surrounding the romantic stage of this seeming meet-cute—Gosling stands up, walks towards Stone, and plants a big kiss on her lips.

The footage opened with Emma Stone strolling down a Los Angeles sidewalk, all dolled up in a royal blue halter dress with a 1950s feel to it.Of course, these two weren't the only celebs who like to spend time at the Happiest Place On Earth… Listen on i Tunes, Sound Cloud or directly at Perez!about why Gosling and Stone have such a unique appeal.Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling made a gorgeous appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of their new movie La La Land on Monday.The stars made their way down the red carpet separately, but stopped to pose for pictures together before heading inside the theater.

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