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Fender decided to start building guitars in japan in march 1982 after cbs, then owner of fender guitars, worked out a deal with yamaha music and kanda shokai.Early '80s 'jv series' squier strats were undeniably amazing value for money, representing as they did the premium fender japan product in europe, at a budget price.mark that's hammer stamped on the back of the headstock and then you notice the last few digits of the original Serial Number are Smeared or Removed and or covered with a white or bronze color sticker with a black 9 digit number over the original altered serial number, If you were not 100% informed prior to purchase, you may be asking, WHY?

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Many overseas internet sites that you may be looking at may not quote you the price inclusive of their local taxes, freight to Australia, Australian duty (which is applicable to guitars and amps) customs clearance charges, port charges and surcharges and other government charges which may also include a quarantine inspection charge, and GST.

Posted: , Author: Pujevys Some Vista models, such as the Super-Sonic, Venus and Venus XII, were innovative designs with no clear Fender predecessors; others combined Fender features from different models into all-new creations such as the Jagmaster, which remains a solid Squier performer to red hair dating sites this day. Nut is obviously narrow, but is very comfortable and much less pencil-y than some late 60's can seem. Squier is the launching pad for beginners, pointing intermediate and advancing guitarists toward their ultimate goalowning a Fender!

Next came the existing Standard Series, and at the top of the line were the new Pro Tone models, fine instruments with special touches (aged plastic parts, shell pickguards, painted red hair dating sites headcaps, etc.) that appealed to the growing number of Squier players who preferred to upgrade. This Might Interest You, by entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its.

All 1980s japanese squier strats after the end of the jv series had solid wood bodies and poly finishes.

For the first time, the company chose to offer both squier-branded and fully fender-branded models on the export market.

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