Who is carly shay dating

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Following the events of "i OMG", where Sam kisses Freddie, she disappears for three days.

While Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay) has never tweeted about it, before the premiere of i Goodbye, Jennette Mc Curdy (Sam Puckett) has tweeted about Cam once, confirming that she knows about the ship's existence.He had been in love with her since the sixth grade. But over time, as they hung out more and got to know each other better, he was that it was love that he felt for Carly."You want to hang out and watch a movie or something? Freddie felt his heart soar; she wanted to spend time with him! Freddie smiled back at her, and they made their way to the nearest vendor."Yeah, sounds great," he replied with an easy smile."Cool. Freddie's smile fell when he realized that she meant if he wanted to stay and watch a movie , but some days, he couldn't help but hope."Great," he said with less enthusiasm than before. "A muffled reply came from the kitchen, and Carly couldn't help but chuckle. Freddie started to pull out his wallet, but Carly protested. Let me pay tonight." She said."If you're sure…" Freddie trailed off. "Alright." He smiled at her."I'll just have a hotdog and a small soda," Carly told the vendor. Once they sat down, they ate their food and talked. When they finished their food, Freddie suggested they go on a ride."How about…the swings! Freddie smiled and they pushed their way through the crowd to get to the swings.Freddie rubbed his shoulder where Sam hit him."Are you okay? Carly sat directly in the middle of the couch, and Freddie took the spot to her right. Freddie felt his eyes widen, but he could do nothing to control them at the moment."Are you saying that , Freddie Benson? She looked up, and met the gaze of a boy who looked to be around her age."Oh…can I help you? As she floundered for an excuse, she caught sight of Freddie's head."Oh, sorry. They patted him on the back, and Carly could hear them shelling out 'better luck next time's and 'it's kind of obvious that she's taken's. Carly and Freddie just looked at each other and shrugged."So, do you want to go out ? They ended up staying on for five cycles before deciding to try another ride.They started the movie, and neither talked for the duration of the film. " She asked."Yeah, uhh…I was wondering if…I could maybe…have your number? She felt bad about rejecting him, but was the one who invited Freddie. " Freddie asked."Sure," Carly said with a light laugh and a smile. They wondered aimlessly through the fair until they found a merry-go-round.

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