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Any more than that and you will make her too insecure.Leave 22 year old for 30 minute stretches of time to flirt with girls in different parts of the bar.If the guy she likes is significantly older, like ten years or more, she’ll be that much more on guard for beta bahavior.An older guy who is needy is a bigger loser than a younger guy who is needy, because the younger guy at least has the excuse of inexperience.

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If she wanted to date someone who dressed like a teenager, well then she would.Plus, the older guy has to learn how to handle the elevated risk of being labeled a “lech” or “pervy”.Examples: Chat up one other girl in 29 year old’s presence.Compared to a lot of guys my age, I’m pretty conservative — I tend to like women in my decade: their 40’s.However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t dipped my toes below (or reached my fingers above) that loose preference.

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