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While it might be easy to conclude that Mark Zuckerberg is your garden variety paranoid, eccentric, billionaire when he tapes over his laptop’s microphone and camera, in reality he is protecting himself against a risk that we all face.

Zuckerberg is protecting against “ratting.” While this might sound like some form of particularly painful medieval torture technique, it is actually slang for a Remote Access Trojan cyberattack (a uniquely modern torture technique).

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Only the sick, young children and travellers are exempt.

In temperatures that rise to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the wavy heat of the afternoons, giving up food and water is no token gesture.

If the new moon we're all waiting for chooses to show her face in the blue- black darkness above us, the celebrations for which planning is already well under way will commence first thing in the morning.

Prostitution in Tanzania is illegal under Tanzanian law, but it is still widespread.

Many women are forced into prostitution due to some poverty and the disintegration of the family unit.

Especially girls from rural areas are lured to urban centres under false pretences by recruiters.

They think that they can go to school, or get a good job.

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