Ben whishaw dating anyone

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Actress Oona Chaplin is splendidly, almost ludicrously international, with a background that incorporates a childhood travelling in the caravan of the international movie industry, as well as roots – or tendrils at least – in Spain, Switzerland, Cuba, Scotland, Chile and England.

I write England, but I mean London, and if she were a football team she would be Arsenal, which would be entirely fitting, because she claims to support Arsenal, as does her mother, the actress Geraldine Chaplin, and as did her grandfather, the one and only Charlie Chaplin.

On one side of the family is a literary titan, a man dubbed "the American Chekhov", on the other, perhaps the most instantly recognisable movie star of all time. "There are some greats on my father's side as well," she says, referring to the Chilean-born cinematographer Patricio Castilla.

"My dad was like this major political activist and the first person who asked for political asylum in Cuba.

There was one Hollyoaks actor who had bi on his myspace, it was soon changed to straight when he realised everyone had seen it. I know one personally and had to laugh when I saw a magazine interview with him where he talks about the type of girls he likes. And yes, previous posters are quite right that many many actors are NOT out in the UK, the younger and hotter (more marketable) they are, the more they tred the PR-approved closet route. I would like to know which of the Hollyoaks actors are gay or bi because there HAS to be a good few among that bunch of little tarts!One is definately gay and is always out in the village in Manchester.Karl Davies is allegedly seeing the guy who played Ivan in Emmerdale.[italic]R44, are you sure?

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