Dating in the first year of sobriety Asian free web cam xxx

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I have been casually "dating" another member for about a month - I am freaked... I’m sure your question will spark a lot of answers that may or may not make sense to you.

Although I like him and would like to continue a friendship, I think it is too soon, too fast.... Some people have some hard and fast rules about it, and some don’t.

and I am unsure of what to do - what to say to him (I do not want to feel uncomfortable at meetings, etc...). When I was new to AA, the last thing I wanted to hear about were rules and guidelines.

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This is why it’s not recommended that people not date in their first year of sobriety.

In a great book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes called Women Who Run With Wolves, she talks about how we manifest our inner predator in the outside world and go about setting the bait to attract said predator.

Not always, but when we are a state of compromised selfhood, you betcha.

This is a common cliché that people in recovery hear over and over again.

However, like all clichés, they stem from a common truth.

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