Who is birdman dating who is kelli giddish dating

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While the purported couple has never confirmed (nor denied) their relationship, their public sightings--from Braxton's concerts to Birdman's hometown of New Orleans--and more recently sitting side-by-side at the BET Awards, all but affirm their romance.But the craze over Braxton and Birdman's alleged relationship isn't the typical celebrity allure that comes with two famous people courting before the cameras.It’s named for the Roque Bentayga, an iconic peak in the Atlantic Canary Islands. #ICYMI : #Toni Braxton is gifted a new #Bentley Truck from #Birdman.Bentley describes the luxury vehicle: “Bentayga takes exquisite luxury into new territory, challenging preconceptions of what an SUV can be. #Tamar Braxton's hilarious commentary included. (@birdman5star @tonibraxton @tamarbraxton #bvf #bentley @bentleymotors) A post shared by NEW ACCOUNT (SPREAD THE WORD) (@thejasminebrand_) on But maybe Birdman should’ve saved his dollars …And sex, my friends, is not an automatic path to love. The bottom line here is there’s a lack of common human decency, also known as gratitude in instances such as this, that make men like Birdman not just the worst objects of a woman’s affection, but the type of dudes you don’t need to be around at all.From the moment rumors began to swirl that R&B legend Toni Braxton is dating rapper and hip-hop mogul, Birdman, there's been a great deal of fascination, and dare one say, obsession over their alleged love affair.Birdman, 47, and Braxton, 48, have instead been met with harsh criticisms, some of which shallow and unfounded to say the least.

I’ll let you watch the video before I insert too much more of my opinion into the experience. Tony’s body looks incredible and that sultry execution of the birthday song puts Marilyn Monroe’s infamous rendition to shame.

However, Braxton did share with her sister that part of her is reluctant to settle into the idea that Birdman really could be the man of her dreams.“You ever been scared to be happy?

I haven’t been happy in a long time outside of work. When I’m on stage and I’m performing, that’s the only time that I get those butterflies and I feel totally happy with my life. I haven’t had time for that — I should say, I chose not to make time for it but it’s right here in front of my face: happiness,” Braxton explained.

In the clip, Tamar alludes that the car was a gift, but doesn’t name the person who bought the vehicle.

“I get some nice gifts Toni Braxton, but I don’t get stuff that’s not out yet,” she said. ” Speculation has been swirling around the couple’s status for awhile, but it’s unclear if they are anything more than friends.

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