The truth about dating sites

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I have been called a God, Lady Durga, even Lady James Bond, but I like to call myself India’s first lady detective.When I started out, there was no such thing as a lady detective in India.But remember that you only have the other person's word about whom or what he or she is.

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But even as dating websites proliferated, other misconceptions about online dating still need to be addressed.One such misconception is the belief that online dating is dangerous.There are indeed dangers associated with online dating, but they're in no way exclusive to online dating. This risk is inherent in any dating method that you try.But a woman’s weakness is also her strength and in this job it pays to be underestimated.I can go undercover, talk to neighbours and enter homes because people are less suspicious of a woman and share their information easily. I slowly got drawn into this job while at university.

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