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The bell rang and the kids in my class started getting settled into their seats. It was the afternoon and we are all restless, near the end of the school day.“Chatbots Will Be Your New Best Friend.” This dramatic change in attitude toward chatbot apps wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the recent major advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics—the combination of which drives innovation across every industry.Modern AI chatbots come in a variety of forms, from stand-alone mobile apps to messaging apps integrated into social networks, and their use varies widely.It may seem like consumers today — particularly millennials — are willing to give up anything for convenience, but that’s only true to a point.According to a study released last year, 80 percent of millennials find it vital or extremely important that personally identifiable, financial, and medical data be shared only with those whom they have authorized access.Those communications are fairly straightforward and impersonal. Conversations with these businesses can be complex, emotionally-driven, and often require sensitive and personal information to pass between the two parties.Getting questions answered from companies on the same platform used to view their new products and see friends’ opinions makes complete sense. And by their very nature — being businesses consumers have long term, evolving relationships with — these organizations are the ones whose users most need frequent, ongoing interaction.

The old-school method involves pen and paper coupled with some math, and the new-school method involves Gym Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that tracks your training efforts.'This is a leading question, but answer it honestly,' I say, fumbling for words.'Does it give you any comfort, or perhaps none -- the idea that whenever it is that you shed this mortal coil, that there is something that can help tell your stories and knows your history? When he answers, he sounds wearier than he did moments before.License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Created: Sep 6 2014 Creator: [email protected]: Send Message Access: Everyone Id: 360832 Link: If you stop replying at any point, so does the bot.

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