Get some dating phone numbers

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Dating apps like Tinder, Zoosk, Match, Ok Cupid are so hot that they have become an indispensable part of lots of people’s social life.

Some use them to look for a serious relationship while others may just want to flirt and hook up the opposite gender.

Online dating phone number acquisition is easy once you know what you are doing but timing is critical.

Messaging a man or woman online can be an easy and efficient way to get to know them a bit and build some attraction.

Having a burner phone number keeps his personal phone number private and keep the relationship secret.

A burner phone number helps people have two phone numbers without the hassle or expense of having a second phone.

If you think something is reasonable, but nobody else on the planet agrees with you, you’re going to be more effective by finding a compromise point closer to the majority position. Men who don’t pick up the full check on Date 1 are not “wrong”, but they are ineffective. In the Venn Diagram of Online Dating (copyright, Evan Marc Katz), men’s circle is Speed. He wants to meet you right NOW and see you naked ASAP. You know as well as I do that women don’t want to be bullied into going on blind dates: “Dear Dan, thank you for your initial inquiry. Besides, your profile doesn’t say very much about you, so maybe if you tell me more about yourself, if we click, then, maybe in a few weeks, I’ll give you my phone number and we can go from there.” This is the entire reason that I came up with a strategy that works for both men AND women.

This Venn diagram theory goes for pretty much everything in life. And by ineffective, I mean that by not being able to understand (much less cater to) the opposite sex’s point of view, you’re pretty much eliminating your options.

Maybe some Tylenol – pop some Vitamin C and if you’re really digging deep, Oil of Oregano? You can get as many burner numbers as you want to make calls, receive calls or send texts.Much as you would treat a cold immediately, hopefully preventing it from becoming something worse, or at least persisting longer, Hushed can offer a remedy to a bad date by allowing you to prevent it from going any further.If you’re out in the world dating a bunch of people, it’s inevitable that things won’t always go smoothly.If a guy is in an off-again-on-again relationship with a somewhat crazy girl and they decide to keep in touch with each other but he doesn’t want her to have his personal line, a burner phone number is also a good choice for this situation.Some guys may just want to chat with girls and will never be in a serious relationship.

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