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This is what protects tenants from having their actions recorded by landlords.

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All sixteen pumps were being used, Baum had traffic, and we were understaffed.

Because that’s usually what accompanies the look, a cry of: Then people within earshot make the look, too. His blue, checkered dress shirt was tucked into khakis, and he sported a thin, whitish-blonde mustache that matched the ring of hair around his head. “You need to clean that bathroom.” He raised his eyebrows and his forehead wrinkled. “Go on, hurry up.” Cleaning the bathroom quickly was imperative, but it was more complicated than the importance of sanitation.

Expecting a scene, my muscles tightened as I rang up a customer. The gas station is located along Baum Boulevard, one of the East End’s main thoroughfares, and it’s one of those Exxon-Mc Donald’s-7-Eleven hybrids – café seating, sixteen fuel pumps, and 23 parking spaces.

A financial-world heavyweight suspected that his wife was cheating with her office colleague, and he wanted to secure hard evidence.

The ,000 secret setup “allowed him to monitor the apartment in real time on his phone,” Michael Mancuso tells The Post.

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