Networks backdating

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The name "Comverse" is a fusion of the words "communication" and "versatility".Founded in 1982, the company went public on the Nasdaq Stock Market in 1986.In addition, I haven't had to log in to manage or reconfigure anything since initial setup - it just works." Hao Sam, IT Manager at Array Networks.

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"After implementing the Reduxio Systems, we observed significant performance improvements with our Microsoft Exchange and Oracle databases.The company focused on providing value-added services to telecommunication service providers, in particular to mobile network operators.Comverse Technology had several wholly or partly owned subsidiaries.In the context of bill-and-hold arrangements, ASC Topic 606 provides specific guidance that certain indicators must be met to show that control has been transferred, including: (i) a substantive reason for such an arrangement where the customer has declined to exercise its right to take physical possession of that product; (ii) the product must be identified separately as belonging to the customer; (iii) the product currently must be ready for physical transfer to the customer; and (iv) the entity cannot have the ability to use the product or direct it to another customer.Until a registrant adopts ASC Topic 606, however, it should continue to follow the older guidance for revenue recognition.

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