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After a wonderful meeting in Russia and holidays in Egypt, we decided to ...) and most importantly, kids didn’t tell their parents what they were really doing so parents didn’t really know – and they liked it. Now, with technology, we parents expect that we will know where our kids are at all times. Our parents knew we were out – whatever “out” meant.I don’t know how many times I’ve texted my kid, “Where r u? They knew that we would eventually come home; usually at whatever time they told us to be home because that’s what we did.From its humble beginnings providing African safaris to adventurous Danes, Albatros Travel has established offices and operations on three continents throughout the last three decades.Its core business remains outbound travel from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, however inbound operations and specialised offerings such as arctic cruises and safari experiences, not to mention the internationally renowned marathon events such as the Great Wall Marathon and the Polar Circle Marathon, have securely placed Albatros Travel on the global scene.

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