Proportionate liquidating distribution

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PLR 201236003 Over the years, the IRS has interpreted the disproportionate distribution rules fairly liberally.

Last Friday, in PLR 201236003, an S corporation had made disproportionate distributions for what appears to have been several years.

Practitioners often construe this requirement to be more restrictive than it really is, believing that a single disproportionate distribution will be an indication that you have more than one class of stock, and — Voila! Applying these concepts to our fact pattern above, if the S corporation makes a disproportionate distribution to A and B, the IRS would look to Treas. Section 1.1361-1(l)(2)(i) for guidance on whether the disproportionate distribution is indicative of multiple classes of stock.

Those regulations provide that the determination of whether all outstanding shares of stock confer identical rights to distribution and liquidation proceeds is made based on the corporate charter, articles of incorporation, bylaws, applicable state law, and binding agreements relating to distribution and liquidation proceeds (collectively, the governing provisions).

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Earlier this year, the IRS issued three private letter rulings benefiting S Corporations.

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