Best dating site for college students

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Welcome to High Tunstall College of Science, a truly comprehensive school set within the western suburbs of Hartlepool.Our overarching vision is to inspire all our students to achieve their potential by supporting and challenging all to aspire to be the best they can.After all the controversy that arose after I posted my breakdown of college majors by gender last week, I promised myself I’d stay away from controversial gender-related topics for a while.But when I ran across an ETS-curated data set of average student IQs by college major, I couldn’t avoid putting this visualization together.We believe in individuality and personalise the curriculum for every one of our students, so that they can achieve their highest personal goals.Whether you are searching our website as a student, parent/carer or as a member of our wider community we know that when you join us you will join a family where everyone cares and respects each other regardless of their starting points in life.By popular request, here’s an interactive version of the above chart: IQs are typically classified as follows: Considering that many of the female-dominated majors heavily involve interpersonal interactions, my initial thought was that this all made sense: Women are widely known to be more socially-inclined and nurturing than men, so we would expect to see them dominate fields that heavily involve people.

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