Updating your technology knowledge of microsoft

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With technology skills ranking among the highest employers look for, it can really pay to articulate those skills you have gained through education or experience.If you are searching for a clerical or office job in management, administration, and other popular fields, follow these guidelines for polishing the Technical Skills section of your resume, including how you list office software skills. For example, instead of just listing "Libre Office", you pack a meaner punch by listing ‘Libre Office Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, and Math’.That means not just keeping up-to-date with technical skills, but also looking to see which jobs will offer stability -- for a few years, anyway -- and which will go the way of the hardware engineer.(And if you're a hardware engineer now, you'll definitely want to keep reading.) For this article, we spoke to IT recruitment experts about which technologies will be the most important to know in the next five years or so and which job skills will prove most critical for keeping your career alive and moving forward.The Greek philosopher posited that the universe is always in flux; he famously said, "The only thing that is constant is change." And so it goes in the IT professional's career.Technology is constantly moving and changing, and IT pros must change with it.Updating your software ensures you have access to all of the latest features and security patches.You can update Microsoft Power Point 2013 in three ways: enable automatic updates for all Windows programs, manually update all Windows software, or manually update Office 2013.

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Redmond asked experts -- and readers -- which skills and jobs have a solid future and which ones will crumble in the years to come. For a guy who lived in Ephesus nearly 2,500 years ago, Heraclitus had a pretty solid understanding of today's IT job market.We also surveyed you, the Redmond reader, about your confidence in your skill set, what you might need to brush up on, and where you see the greatest potential for cultivating a lucrative career.What we found was that webmasters, hardware engineers and even database administrators (DBAs) should look for new career paths, while software engineers, project managers, business analysts and people with expertise in the cloud are on the right track.GTI works with our Line of Business partners to develop standardized, resilient operating environments and implement a global technology strategy for the firm's 200,000 workstations and 40,000 remote access users.We oversee important tasks, including: incident management, user management, security access and controls, work order management, media management, application and business data recovery, and disaster recovery.

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