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On the one hand, their’s is a close-knit large-family culture.On the other hand, if a cow and a child are both sick, the family will usually seek care for the animal.He told us that he used to live near the mines, but it wasn’t a safe place for children.He bought the land in the mountains where we visited him, and moved his family there.Here, seven positions to try when you're craving the sexual equivalent of the heart-eyed emoji.If you're not into that right now, try these seven sex positions that require minimal eye contact instead.As we walked away, I couldn’t help wondering when the next baby would come.In rural communities, we’ve seen a baffling series of contradictions about the value of children.

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It's the face-to-face version of spooning, so you have the added benefit of being able to gaze into each other's eyes, thus getting one step closer to peak sappiness.

If you're feeling inspired enough to turn your session into something sweeter than even the best of desserts, you can caress your partner's face and whisper all the things that usually feel too intimate to say. Yes, Marnie had a bad experience with a version of this on (remember Booth Jonathan and the sassy doll?

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