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It’s one for the wank stash She comes online to Facebook so we continue on the chat.” I give her a few sentences of what I’m gonna do to her then she says “Do you have msn?

For the first few weeks or so, my relationship with Frank Zappy skirted the lines of PG-13 respectability.

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This has been a weird two weeks with some unexpected and unusual stuff happening. I’m minding my own business when a lost set from Estonia suddenly reopens herself for me. No answer ok, so I assume that now she’s outside of my direct presence she has woken up and remembers she’s got a boyfriend or something I consider it a dead lead Her: ok Me: then out of nowhere at 11pm last night I get this text from her: “Hi how are u? Search [my email]” she replies “I dont have do u want my pussy?

Her: of course wait lolllllllllllllllll ok go on Me: So I take her number after about 90 minutes and then catch up with Burto I missed the Mc Donalds I text the girl 4 times in the next two days and get no answers On my last night I blatantly proposition her. ” me: “Of course I do darlin’ 😉 If you were in London now I’d show you….” Her: wtffffffffffffff Me: she is like “Mmm i like this, i like lick” Her: wtffffffffffffffff Me: I tell her “add me to facebook and we can talk quicker.

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