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The biggest cause of this kind of problem is inconsistent results with full backups.Backup Exec will NOT delete old data sets, even if they are expired, if more recent full backups have not been successful nor will it let you overwrite those media sets.Here we define the service account that BE will run under. I generally set one for me during the implementation phase, and once things are good send alerts to help desk instead. We need to create a storage repository that we can use as a destination for our backups. We start to create a storage repository for our backups at the main screen.From my reading, it seems to be almost a best practice to use the local SQL express instance rather then an external SQL server. Now we have a summary and I really like how there is a copy of what is going to be install stored in the BE logs folder. Once it finishes, it offers to run Live Update (wow does that bring back memories) and to display the Readme. Which is not a live message since I did before I started the install. Plus I don’t want to be prompted about what I think about the product until I have used it for a while. We now have storage configured that will allow us to do backups! I like to start small and test so that normally means one or two backup sources.This is handy to run to make sure your environment is up to task. Default path and folder structure is good for me and generally worth doing. When all has been proven you might turn this off again. I know customers who need to manage their logs longer then others. Live Update is how updates are obtained, and they default to on, and check on Sundays. No test option here, so best make sure your SMTP server is configured correctly.We will start from the location where you downloaded BE to and extracted. Once in the BE folder structure we will use to start things off. Sometimes I will use a different drive but same path structure to help have no issues. Now we use Notification Recipients to configure some alert destinations.

This blog is not meant to be a deep dive into Windows Power Shell or Backup Exec.Download our editors’ ransomware guide, in which you’ll discover the full value of mature DRaa S, blockchain technology, and copy data management techniques in detecting and fighting the scourge of ransomware.Additionally, we review backup tools from Acronis and Unitrends used for ransomware protection.To force the clean-up of old, expired data you need to do the following (all of this is predicated on Backup Exec 2012, older versions may operate differently).Go to your storage: Click in to it then into the Backup Sets … Click Yes to all Depending on what is in the backup set you want to delete you may get prompted as follows: I want the data deleted so click Delete this set and all dependent backup sets … The green progress bar will appear at some point and slowly update, be patient.

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