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So using your example, you could put: Agreed: "instances", "values", "objects" - there are several options, and although it may sometimes sound a bit unnatural, it is the least ambiguous form - particularly when the class names are used as a @Marco13 exactly.

Any reasonable noun at all is useful if it fits the business rules of the code and is understandable.

In terms of conversations happening right now, Roxane Gay is incredible and has been really transformative in regard to the tone of the conversation around the feminist movement.

I’m also really excited that Lindy West has a book out right now.

Each corpus reader provides a variety of methods to read data from the corpus, depending on the format of the corpus.

For example, plaintext corpora support methods to read the corpus as raw text, a list of words, a list of sentences, or a list of paragraphs.

Imo Robert Columbia’s answer is a much better compromise between correctness and good grammar/typography.But when I view this file in browser the displayed webpage is not showing "21". But when I view this file in browser the displayed webpage is not showing 21. You can just copy and paste the source code and try it. It’s misleading because rendered like this it looks like there is an identifier in the code called "Identities" (in the worst case that may even be true).Being informed by the energy of this existing conversation has been really fascinating and really valuable for me.I could name a million people who are incredible and who informed my work.

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