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I tried L'Homme Parfum Intense, it projects way better, that is if you like sweet fragrances with drydown like that of xerjoff's naxos or ultra male. It is scented water, very light lavender water with light woods that is gone within an hour. Not the one that girls went, mmmmm, over and gave compliments. The now version is so different from what La Nuit was that fakes smell more like the real thing than the actual version that is available now. If you really really want it, and can get 2009-2013 then get it, even 2014 is still quite good. But if you ask me, armani code porfumo, spicebomb and prada are better picks. The opening of this fragrance is okay, nothing special while dry down is magical. The dry down it is sweet and powdery making it smell unisex. Presentation - 10/10 This bottle looks great Scent - 9/10 The opening is okay the dry down is amazing Longevity - ? Among many L'Homme bastards(literally) of YSL, this characterless adolescent has no distinct charm or whatsoever, just like those faceless coworkers in office, pointless blabbing teenagers on youtube, or tasteless frozen food in Walmart.

No obstante MF se compromete a poner todos los medios a su alcance para que el servicio se preste de forma ininterrumpida. Controles para garantizar un entorno confiable MF ha establecido una serie de mecanismos que pretenden mantener un alto grado de calidad en el servicio que presta a través de sus plataformas, ya que MF quiere que los Usuarios puedan disfrutar en un ambiente de confianza y seguridad del servicio.

Estos mecanismos de control son los siguientes: - Control previo: • Anonimato: Durante el proceso de registro se recogen los siguientes datos del Usuario registrado: móvil y dirección de correo electrónico. Los dos datos indicados se utilizarán únicamente por el personal de MF con el fin de poder comunicarse con los Usuarios registrados. Por lo tanto, los Usuarios registrados aparecerán ante los otros Usuarios identificados mediante un nombre.

From 2015 until 2017 he worked for Lucha Libre AAA World Wide, but he abruptly left the company in early 2017.

Garza Jr., along with Penta el 0M, Rey Fénix and Daga formed La Rebelión on the independent circuit.

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    The video library behaviour seems to me to be the intuitively correct behaviour, and I care because when I’m at home I primarily use the recently added view to listen to music.