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One woman explains why it's just not working for her, where the man couldn’t keep his pants on with a staple gun). Women's sex bits lack the mood-ring quality of the penis, which makes them much more versatile, acting-wise. (Because, of course, the boner is the last frontier: It's now the only thing that separates HBO from Vivid Video.) And women, being more prone to compassion, will start wondering if it's being treated well.And get ready, if you care for serious films about sex addiction and creative oral sex, to spend an hour and a half staring at Michael Fassbender’s admirable junk. When you see a penis on-screen, you can't help but wonder about its mood. Was the Humane Society on-set to make sure no dogs were embarrassed?

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An actress showing her breasts is something that can be done tastefully and artfully.

I don't know if that can or will ever be said for balls.

The sort of thing most men avoid directly looking at even while safely at home watching You Porn can now be seen in mid company while eating Jujyfruits. I remember getting a kind of rush out of [going full-frontal] that first time, a slight feeling of power about it, you know? Who's applying the makeup to ensure a perfectly matte scrotum?

A girl could be excused for believing a kind of ballcentric sexual devolution was afoot."I try not to limit myself in all respects. I could understand saying, ' I would never do gratuitous nudity.' Wait—no. How was the walk from the trailer, and did a set full of teamsters watch?

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