Who is chloe sevigny dating

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She's the kind of girl who manages to be everything to everyone without really trying. To others, she's the deadpan big sister you always dreamt of.We're sipping water on a blindingly hot hotel terrace just off the Croisette, and Chloë's looking a bit surprised by the savaging The Brown Bunny received the night before.I forced eye contact; she did not return my smile, but locked eyes anyway.

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—walking east on 16th Street in the golden hour with a giant Chloé shopping bag slung over her shoulder.

Well, they're both in the running for this year's Palme d'Or, announced later today. "Also," Sevigny chips in, "they both feature extreme sex and animals in the title."That's choice Chloë - sharp, funny, slightly filthy.

Ever since her debut eight years ago as the AIDS-infected waif in Larry Clarke's Kids, she's been the epitome of geek chic cool, a thrift-shop sweetie directors have been clambering over to adopt as their muse.

I was thinking about everyone wearing the Wade: The idea of an ethnographic chamber of commerce tour, with little old ladies snapping pictures, visiting a group house full of punk dirtbags, was a gamey sketch premise, and it played out really nicely.

That was my favorite stand-alone sketch from this week. They present a simple concept—such as misunderstanding which objects in an experimental art exhibit are actually the art—and use quick cutting and a kind of “A to C” visual language to heighten that one joke to an insane level.

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