Park hae jin dating

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We became distant once the rumors broke and rarely talk to each other these days.He had a fanmeeting to celebrate his 10th anniversary since debut, and during his Q&A session, a fan asked him his marriage plans.Park Hae Jin is a South Korean actor, singer, and model.Park is best known for his role in the MBC television series East of Eden where he plays Shin Myung-hoon, a ruthless man who steals another person's sweetheart.In 2014, he joined the SBS television series Doctor Stranger and also joined the OCN television series Bad Guys.

With such popularity however, gossip is sure to follow.

His personality draws people in a way that I could not explain. --------- Man to Man And yeah...another cool part ;3 Here you did a great job to : D But the Drama Bad Guys was my favourit (at the moment ♥) I love the way you will protect the women you love... their chemistry and love story in my daughter seo yeong was soooo adorable. Would love to see the return of ~K~..ending is unfair... Hi park hae Jin Sence I watch cheese in the trap that you and Kim go eun. SARANGHAE HAEJIN OPPA❤❤❤❤❤ omg i loved him ever since Famous Chil Princesses, and now, a drama and a movie at the same time? u don't know but u r now the coolest person on earth and remember that there are people who love cheese in the trap . have a look at his drama list before 2010 when he was on his way to become popular in Korea. Anyway can't wait for your another dramas or movies in ahead!!

It's like a magnet that you can get away from him and that you want to see more of him. i'm sooo in love with u oppa, there are millions actors but u're the most talented of them all. knew him for the first time at doctor's stranger but he didn't get much scenes, just felt that thia guy is so tall and cold :). First saw him in My Love from the Star but since KSH is the lead, I haven't really had a connection with him but I fell in love with him in Cheese in the Trap. I searched all of your movies and i found out that you are a great; awesome,cute, lovely,hot, and the best actor! You're so amazzzzz ZZiiiiiiiinnnggg Thanks a lot coz u make me laugh, cry, and smiler He's currently doing great in his ongoing drama Man to Man in JTBC..playing a slightly comedic but a very smart and incredible role as Ghost Agent K suits him well.. I like all your expressions and you look breathtakingly gorgeous... god must be hearing my prayer ; v ; love his characters so much, every character is so well built and to add up, he's super handsome ; v ; in man to man, i hope there wont be a romance line, it just feel so out of the plot tho ; v ; You are good in action with love story drama... always remember your acting was the best in cheese in the trap and that drama should be must given and deserves the Grammys! Right after his first series of Famous Chill Princesses, he took the main lead in Heaven and Earth and Hot Blood. I never like korean actor before as much as I do to you. From Indonesian fan in Japan He's 33, why hasn't he been the lead character until Cheese in the Trap?

SEE ALSO: Park Hae Jin's agency to sue news outlet that spread rumors about him and Park Shin Hye In a recent interview, Park Hae Jin revealed his thoughts on the dating rumors, saying, "It was so random. Whether the dating rumors with Park Shin Hye were true or not, they hurt. The rumor that I was dating Park Shin Hye isn't true." Park Hae Jin is starring in the hit drama 'Cheese in the Trap'.

I was caught offguard by the headlines, and I was a bit disappointed."He continued, "I think Park Shin Hye was probably a little hurt as well. Actually their dating rumor started since 2008 because of their cyworld's post but they denied it.

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