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Get Help Over the Phone While many of the answers you seek are available here on our website, we understand there are times you need to call us.

Computer Hope chat is another free service being provided by Computer Hope that allows anyone to connect and ask their questions live and talk with other users who're interested in computers.

Additional information about hopebot can be found on our hopebot definition. All the volunteers in the chat and on the forums are volunteering their time to help others on the Internet.

Our Live Support Software allows your website visitors to chat with a company support team and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a Live Chat button embedded on your website.

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Our chat was created after many users requested such a service and to help users get their questions answered more quickly.

Join the chat now (IRC: irc.#computerhope) Chat stats Because of the wide variety of users who help in the Computer Hope chat, we ask all users to obey the rules below.

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