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Therefor the network is quite small; they have 2 redundant ASA5505 (building the tunnel), couple of POE switches connecting 45 HP T510 Thin Clients to the internets.The company isn’t IT related at all and they never really invested in IT.TL; DR This is about CVE-2015-2112 and CVE-2015-2113. Advisory: https://h20564.www2com/hpsc/doc/public/display? doc Id=emr_na-c04629160 Short background Somewhere in 2014 I was working for a customer which had to replace all devices in their local network.HP Thin Clients are shipped with Easy Tools software. While I was hired to focus on security stuff, they asked me to help setting up the network. They use an external party to host and manage a Citrix/Windows environment, which can be accessed with remote desktop.Hi everyone, I installed Chrome and can run it as the administrator on the thin client.However, I can't get it to run as a user, nor can I get it to auto load.Stratodesk has the solution: Easy and fast Windows XP Embedded thin client update to a fully featured, state of the art No Touch Desktop thin client/VDI/Cloud terminal in three simple steps.No Touch Desktop is a complete hardware and vendor agnostic thin OS for any x86 thin client (and some ARM), any VDI solution (Citrix, VMware, Quest,..), and any cloud environment (e.g. In addition to that, No Touch Desktops includes an intelligent, easy to deploy and easy to use thin client management suite, that was specifically developed and designed to fit client administrators’ needs.

The server-side infrastructure makes use of cloud computing software such as application virtualization, hosted shared desktop (HSD) or desktop virtualization (VDI).This combination forms what is known today as a cloud based system where desktop resources are centralized into one or more data centers.The benefits of centralization are hardware resource optimization, reduced software maintenance, and improved security.Without fans, no hard disks and no moving parts thin client hardware is usually durable and powerful enough to run thin client operations for five years and longer.But what if your software is out of date after a couple of years, the update of the (embedded) image not possible or too expensive and the client management is still complicated?

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