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Disclaimer: This Story is fiction, none of it really happened.

The first story I want to share takes place last Christmas.

special correspondent Matt Tyrnauer, who first met the late writer Gore Vidal as Vidal’s editor for this magazine, expounds on the years the author spent in Ravello—the postcard-ready part of Italy’s Amalfi Coast he called his “perch.”Gore Vidal, who died at his home in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday at 86, was always perturbed when the press referred to him as an expatriate.

Vidal spent most of every year, starting in the early 1960s, in Rome, and later between Rome and a grand villa, La Rondinaia (the swallow’s nest), in the Amalfi Coast village of Ravello.

The scene is Bryant Park, where the Red Dress Collection 2007, a fashion show championing women's heart health, is kicking off Fashion Week using New York names instead of pricey models. Glammed up in a strapless gown by Donna Karan, Ray is going to walk the runway with the likes of Kim Cattrall, Paula Zahn, and Billie Jean King, celebrities who came of age in the spotlight and who've got their "walk"—slinky, sophisticated, sportif—down pat.

Waiting her turn, standing still, Ray is surprisingly, creamily beautiful, Sophia Loren's little sis.

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