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Gradle allows you to tell it what the dependencies of your project are, so that it can take care of finding these dependencies, and making them available in your build.

One of the benefits of maven is that helps to reduce the duplication of dependent software libraries (jars) required to build an application.Maven provides a high degree of control to manage such scenarios.It is pretty often a case, when a library, say A, depends upon other library, say B.And every time I do, most of my team mates, who have been brainwashed by the monopolistic propaganda of Eclipse, just keep asking me what’s wrong with it.And sometimes it’s hard to explain because it’s really a matter of user experience. Right now, I’m reading the Spring Source dm Server getting started guide, and I was very surprised to read that Spring Source guys, who aren’t exactly stupid, and seem very experienced with Eclipse itself as they have based all their development tools on it (Spring IDE, STS, etc.), talk about what they call the “Eclipse Dance”.

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