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It's pretty much fucking impossible to get here in 30 minutes. That's why we ordered from your shitty "trattoria." WILL This is gonna come out of my paycheck.

Just call the girls up and let them know the party's on. I'll tell you what, you give me the money that your mom left you for the pizzas, and I'll grab you some beers. WILL (CONT'D) (BEAT) But I get to keep the change as a tip.

They may regard it as an enhancing element of their sex lives or as their primary form of sexual activity.

On their road to becoming accepted, they encounter many hilarious obstacles, which gives the movie an overall sense of silliness.30 MINUTES OR LESS Written by Michael Diliberti & Matthew Sullivan 12-11-09 The following is very loosely based on some shit that actually happened... This is WILL (25), probably good looking in another life. Right now, he is tired and unamused, wearing a red "Giorgio's Trattoria" hat and a sweaty matching t-shirt. You sure you don't want to take the moral high ground? OVER BLACK We hear the roar of a V8 engine, piped out through some throaty, fucked up muffler, as EXT. A huge archive of totally free, sex video pages in which everyone can choose favorite sex video for itself. Thousands of Free sex videos and favorite categories.

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