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Dear friends, The year 2013 marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute.As its Director, I find this a pleasant and exciting occasion to address with words of gratitude those who have contributed all these years to the successful accomplishment of its mission as the first national diplomatic academy in the 135-year history of the Modern Bulgarian State.Lithic raw materials had an important role in the economic, social and ideological aspects of prehistoric lifeways.The session attracted contributors from Europe and the USA addressing three key themes: raw material sourcing and procurement in prehistory; distribution networks; factors governing the choice of raw materials for specific tasks.

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In terms of this raw material’s distribution, Bohemia is a peripheral area, and it is also the westernmost part of its regular archaeological occurrence.

So we decided to check with the [...] Whats the Unions Role on Refugee Committee?

President Says He Learned About Amnesty Program on the Local News There you have ita refugee program with exceptional oversight from a committee which includes the social partners Churches, unions and business sector.

It is my determination that in the coming years we will firmly establish ourselves as a supporting factor for the Bulgarian Diplomatic Service and for Bulgarian Foreign Policy in enhancing the prestige of Bulgaria both at home and abroad.

Tanya Mihaylova Director of the Diplomatic Institute 9: start of 13th Diplomacy course for trainee attaches at the MFA; 18: discussion on The EU during the Maltese Presidency and Where Bulgaria Stands, Sofia Hotel Balkan; 27: public discussion within the Debates with MEPs programme, on the topic The Future of the European Project, Central Military Club, Sofia; was created on 23 September, 2003, pursuant to a Decree of the Council of Ministers.

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