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Ryan Hardy mixes the garlic and chiles, along with fennel, into a satisfying tomato sauce that balances the bitter greens and adds lovely color, too.GO TO RECIPEThe array of bitter greens, lightly wilted by hot garlic oil, is delicious with the flavors of balsamic vinegar and sweet quince paste in the dressing.“Sitting down and getting a chance to learn about one brand or one theme is quite fun and lends itself to some great discussion.I prefer this to elbowing my way to my next dram, and loved many of the classes I’d attended in the past.” in Las Vegas,” explains Lurin, “and saw a sign for whisky speed dating.Twelve minutes later, an announcement goes out and everyone proceeds to their next table.ile for mile California's beautiful Napa Valley probably has more fine restaurants than any wine country in the world.

is over, and since your Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio Romance Fan Fiction group hasn't reconvened yet, you're looking for an in-the-meantime fix.

Chef Govind Armstrong recommends using a soft blue like Gorgonzola for making a creamy dish.

The firm blue cheese here creates a more crumbly topping.

It’s the standard format, and it’s been in place now for about as long as there have been whiskey shows.

When Matthew Lurin, an emergency medicine physician in Manhattan, long-time whiskey aficionado, and a veteran of countless whiskey shows, events, fests, and gatherings decided to put together his own event, he wanted to do things a little differently.“I’ve always loved going to whisky master classes,” Matt explains.

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