Jolene van vugt dating

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I got this straight from Jolene's myspace, she is in my friends, and from Travis himself.

The life of a stuntman/stuntwoman is full of risks, as they endure a tremendous amount of risk in their life while doing what they love.

Is she single because of her edgy lifestyle or is she a married woman with her husband in the shadows?

Let's dig in deep to the bottom of this mystery.

As a needer of speed and lover of all things fast, I found her pretty cool, though she was unable to participate in Friday's show because of some serious injuries suffered in a September accident preparing for the tour.

During recent tryouts in California of the "slingshot," a new winch mechanism that enables performers on wheels to achieve high speed in little time going into a ramp, Van Vugt shattered her forehead, nose, eye socket, right arm and jaw.

Jolene Joanna Van Vugt was born in London, Ontario Canada in 1980 to Dutch immigrant parents Bill and Tina.

Her incredible and ongoing lists of accomplishments include becoming the first CMRC Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion, first female to backflip a full-sized dirt bike, holder of multiple Guinness World Records, and co-star of many motocross/stunt videos.In September 2015, Van Vugt was seriously injured when attempting to do a ramp jump using a slingshot (a device used to propel bikes to high speeds in a short distance). The injuries required multiple reconstructive surgeries to her face and were expected to take months of recovery before she could perform again. Their wedding will not be beautiful or lavish, there may be bikes. Jolene’s talent soon became apparent as she quickly rose to the top ranks of Canadian women’s motocross.Earning multiple Ontario Provincial Championships, a 9th place overall in the WMA (Women’s Motocross Association), earning her lifetime number 63.

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