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The Land of a Million Cereals C-print 30" x 20" 2008 The Land of a Million Cereals is an exhibition that examines the ideology of free choice in American consumer culture.

Termed the “land of a million cereals” by mystified foreigners, breakfast cereal is uniquely American.

But wonderful as it might feel when it leads you to someone fantastic, online dating veterans know that the in-between times can be grim. But you know if you like it or don't." I think that hits the nail on the head - and as someone who's drunk a lot of wine, and been on more dates than I'd care to list, I'm pretty much an authority.

Fueling this explosion in consumer choice are advertisers who have adopted "choice" as a central theme in advertising strategy simply because it coincides with “choice” as a central symbolic theme in American culture.

In exercising a consumer choice, advertising suggests that Americans are asserting their commitment to individualism; their individuality or uniqueness is demonstrated through their product choice.

Alongside the three men I arranged to meet, there have been dozens of others I've rejected immediately. So if internet dating so often misses the point, then why do we keep doing it?

This clinical, unromantic process can seriously get you down.

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